Customer service

Saleh Machinery Co has always been known for its customer orientation because it considers customer satisfaction as the cause of growth and development. In this regard, all dear customers can submit any order or offer in writing by contacting the sales and support unit.


Saleh Machinery Co is proud to provide all engineering and consulting services in the field of designing and preparing the installation and commissioning of purchased equipment. In fact, by employing experts and experienced engineers, this approach has been realized and will always be with the customer, from the request submitted by the customer to the commissioning of machines and pilot production, delivery of the production line and approval of the employer.

Lifetime support

With the aim of customer orientation and respecting the client and access to the main spare parts, it is able to provide after-sales service on a permanent basis, and in order to satisfy the esteemed customers, prioritizes all devices and equipment that need repairs and reconstruction. and Excused from providing services to miscellaneous customers.

Timely delivery

Saleh Machinery Co with the benefit of experienced specialists and design and manufacture of spare parts is able to deliver customers' orders on time. Also, due to the supply of spare parts for all the products of this company, your requests will be answered and delivered in the shortest possible time.